Behind The Brands You Count On - Regal/Leeson - LEESON Extreme Duck Motors

1,409 2 years ago
Be sure to Subscribe! See how the LEESON Extreme Duck washdown motor is made – from insulating to die casting to final assembly and testing – at the Regal plant in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. For more informative videos, visit We are a motor manufacturing company in Black River Falls Wisconsin our facility is a hundred and five thousand square feet with a current employment level of one hundred and seventy-five team members. We make a variety of custom motors that range from 1/3 horsepower to five horsepower the product that we're discussing today is the Leeson branded extreme duct motor that's produced by Regal Beloit so it's a brand of product that has a legacy behind it. We consider ourselves the pioneer of the washdown duty motor industry way back in the early 90s it's a motor that's really suitable for really tough applications we've separated ourselves from the rest of the industry by having third-party certifications to allow the testing and the reliability of this product to be bulletproof.