Dressing Tools

Motion carries a wide variety of abrasive dressing tools such as cutter dressers, dresser holders, dressing sticks and accessories, and wheel angle and radius dressers.

Motion aims to be your #1 destination for abrasive dressing tools in various forms and sizes, including cutter dressers, dresser holders, dressing sticks, and other dressing accessories.

What is a Dressing Tool?

"Dressing tools" is a broad term used to cover a lot of different tools and accessories, including dressing sticks, roller dresses, hand-held dressers and stationary dressers. These items are used to dress or condition grinding wheels and similar devices.

Dressing is the process of re-sharpening the cutting edges along a grinding wheel, helping to ensure that the wheel remains as strong and effective as possible every time it is used.

For example, in between uses of a grinding wheel, a dressing tool for grinding wheels will be used to keep it sharp and efficient.

The same logic applies with other dressing tools, like a dressing stone for tile saw; in between uses, the tile saw will need to be dressed with the relevant tool to remain effective and efficient for the next use.

The Best Dressing Tools

Whether you're looking for a grinding wheel dressing tool, a dressing stone for tile saw, or some other kind of dressing tool, you'll find it here. Motion offers the following dressing tools:

  • Cutter dresses
  • Diamond dresses
  • Dresser holders
  • Dressing sticks
  • Dressing accessories

Buy Deburring Tools Online

At Motion, you’ll find a wide selection of the finest dressing tools, including the very best dressing tools for grinding wheels from trusted brands like 3M and Norton Abrasives, as well as dressing sticks, stones, multi-point tools, and countless dressing accessories, too.

No matter what kind of dressing tools you need, Motion is here to help and ready to meet your needs. We offer the widest selection of dressing tools at the fairest prices, with super customer service and speedy, efficient delivery with every order.

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ACCUPRO 02220788   

7.8" Max Wheel Diam Optical Radius & Angle Wheel Dresser - 2-1/2" Center Height, 0.0003" Feed Graduations of Handle Scale, 0.89" Tangential Travel, 1" Concave Radius, 1/2" Convex Radius

MI ITEM 11750971

In stock
ACCUPRO 02220788
for your price $4,063.00each
ACCUPRO 02220788