Points and Burrs

Motion carries a variety of abrasive points and burrs. Cone or taper options available with select materials such as rubber, ceramic, and silicon carbide.

Motion can provide the top-quality points and burrs you need for a variety of uses and application. Great for finishing, polishing, deburring, and shaping, these points and burrs are available in various sizes and shapes, including cone and taper points and burrs.

What are Points and Burrs?

Points and burrs are small but important abrasive components that are used in a variety of power tools for deburring, roughing, and grinding purposes, as well as removing excess materials, finishing metalwork, and shaping holes in difficult-to-access areas.

These processes are needed in many industries, as machining and casting often produces parts and pieces that have rough edges, burrs, and other protuberances sticking out along the sides and ridges. Point and burrs help to get rid of those materials and smooth each surface.

Choosing Points and Burrs

Since points and burrs are available in a very wide range of shapes, types, and considerations, it's important to choose the correct burrs, cones, points, plugs or other items to suit your specific needs and match the intended application.

The Best Points and Burrs

Choose from a huge selection of quality points and burrs from Motion:

  • Points - Motion offers a varied range of abrasive points, including rubberized points, ceramic points, and silicon carbide points in a range of grades and diameters.
  • Burrs - Choose from a selection of burrs in different materials, like rubber, ceramic, and silicon carbide, as well as various forms, such as cones and tapers.

Buy Points and Burrs Online

Motion is a trusted and experienced provider of quality abrasive equipment, including the best points and burrs from some of the biggest brands around.

We not only offer a wide range of quality products, but also aim to provide the most competitive pricing and the best levels of customer care, too. Place your order with confidence today at Motion.

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