Flashing Tape

Motion has a choice of flaring tools for your hand and power tools requirements. You can choose based off-angle of flare, compatible pipe materials, single or double lap, and weight.

Find the best flashing tape for sale here at Motion. We sell a wide range of tapes, sealants, and adhesives, including the best quality flashing tape or a wide range of different applications such as on wood and metal.

What Is Flashing Tape?

Flashing tape is a special form of tape which is used to seal areas around homes and other buildings. It may be made from a variety of different materials, including acrylic flashing tape, butyl flashing tape, and bitumen flashing tape. Each variety has its own pros and cons and best use scenarios. Flashing tape is also available in a range of sizes.

What Is Flashing Tape Used for?

Flashing tape has a wide range of possible applications. It aims to create a seal or barrier on a range of surfaces, including wood, metal, and certain types of plastic. It can be used in residential homes, for example, to seal decks and windows to reduce the risks of cracks, splitting, freeze-thaw damages, and leaks.

The Best Flashing Tape

You'll find a wide range of flashing tape for sale here at Motion, including:

  • Wood Tape - There are various kinds of wood flashing tape, like acrylic and butyl tape, which are used for sealing and protecting wooden structures and surfaces
  • Metal Tape - It's also possible to find a wide selection metal flashing tapes in different materials and sizes, helping to seal, stick, and protect pieces and surfaces made of metal

Buy Flashing Tape Online

No matter what kind of flashing tape you're looking for, whether it's a simple window insulation flashing tape kit or a large roll of heavy-duty sealing tape, you'll find it here at Motion.

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Brand: Nitto Inc

Nitto Inc SPV224   

Flashing Tape, Backing Material: Polyvinyl Chloride, Color: Blue, Length: 8", Thickness: 0.08mm

MI ITEM 05558607

Factory Order
Nitto Inc SPV224
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Nitto Inc SPV224
Nitto Inc SPV224
MI ITEM 05558607
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