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Motion keeps a large selection of adhesives, sealants, and tape. Our inventory includes a wide range of adhesive and sealant dispensers, adhesives, sealants, adhesive preparation materials, and a collection of tape.

Find the best industrial adhesive products for sale here at Motion, including top quality flashing tape, PFTE tape, sealant, transfer tape, and electrical tape from leading brands.

What are Industrial Adhesives?

An adhesive is any kind of substance that can be applied to an item to bind or adhere it to another item or surface. Examples of commonly used adhesives in everyday life including glue, paste, tape, and cement. In the industrial world, there are special industrial adhesives with high levels of strength and resistance, including the likes of PFTE tape, transfer tape, sealants, and electrical tape.

What are Industrial Adhesive Products Used for?

In general, adhesives are used to bind or connect things together, but they can have a wide range of uses across industries like plumbing and electrics, and each adhesive has its own pros, cons, and major applications. PFTE tape, for example, is a type of plumbing tape that is used to seal the threads of piping and fittings, while electrical tape is wrapped around wires and electrical appliances in order to insulate them and repair minor damages.

The Best Industrial Adhesives

At Motion, you can order a range of top quality industrial adhesive products, including:

  • Electrical Tape - Also known as insulating tape, electrical tape is used to insulate wiring and electrical items.
  • PFTE Tape - Used primarily in the world of plumbing to seal piping, fasteners, and fittings.
  • Flashing Tape - Also known as lead flashing tape, this heat-resistant tape can be used to form a watertight seal on various surfaces and is often used for roofing.
  • Sealant - This adhesive substance is used for sealing surfaces, preventing water from getting inside.

Buy Industrial Adhesives Online

Use Motion to place your next order for industrial adhesives. Not only do we have a huge selection of top-quality products, but we also have some of the best prices around. Check out the full range and buy the adhesives you need today.


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Brand: Binks Finishing Eqpt (Finishing Brands)
Binks Finishing Eqpt (Finishing Brands) 71-3383
Binks Finishing Eqpt (Finishing Brands)  71-3383
Adhesive or Sealant Hose, For Use With: Adhesive Spray Systems, Diameter: 1/4", Length: 25ft
MI ITEM #03252362
MFR #71-3383
Factory Order
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Binks Finishing Eqpt (Finishing Brands) 71-3384
Binks Finishing Eqpt (Finishing Brands)  71-3384
Adhesive or Sealant Hose, For Use With: Adhesive Spray Systems, Diameter: 1/4", Length: 50ft
MI ITEM #03689644
MFR #71-3384
Factory Order
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