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Product Type: Center Pull & Side Mount Take-Up Frames
Brand: Timken (Fafnir)
Timken (Fafnir) NLTU7
Timken (Fafnir)  NLTU7
Take-Up Frame - Side Mount, 14.2500 in Travel, 23.7500 in Length, 10.4375 in Width, 2.5000 in Height
MI ITEM #00577981
Factory Order
Timken (Fafnir) NLTU1
Timken (Fafnir)  NLTU1
Take-Up Frame - Side Mount, 9.1250 in Travel, 14.8750 in Length, 6.5625 in Width, 2.1250 in Height
MI ITEM #00577975
Factory Order
Timken (Fafnir) NLTU3
Timken (Fafnir)  NLTU3
Take-Up Frame - Side Mount, 11.4375 in Travel, 17.4375 in Length, 7.0625 in Width, 2.0000 in Height
MI ITEM #00577977
In stock
Timken (Fafnir) TU5
Timken (Fafnir)  TU5
Take-Up Frame - Side Mount, 10.0000 in Travel, 22.8750 in Length, 3.5000 in Width, 6.7500 in Height
MI ITEM #00577972
Factory Order
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