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Motion stocks a large collection of hanger bearings for bearing maintenance projects. Browse through a range of bearing and housing materials. Available in several different mounting and expansion types.

If you're looking for high quality hanger bearings in various forms, such as auger hanger bearings or hanging bearings for screw conveyor, you can find all you need and more at Motion. We have one of the largest selections of bearings, all at fair and affordable prices.

What Is a Hanger Bearing?

There are many different kinds of bearings, from plain bearings to roller bearings. Hanger bearings are another member of the bearing family, and they're used as rotational bearings for industrial shafts.

There are two main types of hanger bearings: one-piece or two-piece. As the names imply, a one-piece or single-piece hanger bearing has one solid piece that forms its entire housing, which means it can't be disassembled, while two-piece or split hanger bearings have housings that may be disassembled, if needed. In terms of materials, hanger bearings can be made from a range of plastics, as well as metals like iron and steel.

What are Hanger Bearings Used for?

The main purpose of hanger bearings is to facilitate movement in industrial shafts, such as drive shafts and screw conveyor shafts. A hanger bearing for screw conveyor, for example, will provide a solid bearing surface to support one of the screw sections in the conveyor. We can find hanger bearings being used in a range of industries, including the world of agriculture and general heavy industry. They're also needed in aerospace engineering, the automotive industry, and more.

The Best Hanger Bearings

When it comes to bearings of any kind, quality is crucial. Good quality bearings can provide the high levels of performance and reliability you require, while poor quality bearings may struggle to stay in place for long-term use. At Motion, you’ll only find the very best hanger bearings from trusted brands.

Buy Hanger Bearings Online

Whether you need a hanger bearing bracket, an auger hanger bearing, or hanger bearings in specific sizes, you can find everything you need at Motion. As one of North America's leading providers of industrial supplies and components, we have a huge range of bearings at fair prices. Check out the full selection and place your order today.


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Brand: Acme Industrial
Acme Industrial SUCHA208-24-PBT
Acme Industrial  SUCHA208-24-PBT
Hanger Ball Bearing Unit - 1.5000 in ID, 3.7813 in OD, Stainless Steel, Normal Duty, Set Screw
MI ITEM #02680274
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