As the largest distributor of bearings in North America, Motion provides the widest selection of in-stock bearings as well as all related products, such as ball, roller, and linear bearings. In addition to our inventory, we offer bearing repair services and preventive maintenance solutions.

Motion is your number 1 source for bearings in various shapes and sizes, including plain bearings, ball bearings, roller bearings, and more. Buy top quality bearings today at Motion here.

What are Bearings and Their Types?

Bearings are relatively simple but crucial machine components. They're designed to reduce the levels of friction between moving parts in a motion while also facilitating motion in the right directions. There are many different forms of bearings, including plain bearings which simply consist of a shaft rotating inside a hole, as well as ball bearings, which contain small balls that help to maintain separation between the various races of the bearing itself.

What are Bearings Used for?

Bearings have been used throughout history, going back hundreds of years, and there are countless potential applications of these machine elements. Their main purpose is to reduce or eliminate unwanted friction between parts of a machine, while also allowing motion to occur in the appropriate direction for the machine to function as intended. Each type of bearing has its own key features and potential applications.

The Best Bearings

At Motion, you can order the best quality bearings for any application, including the following varieties:

  • Ball Bearings - A type of rolling bearing which uses small balls to keep the bearing races separated.
  • Plain Bearings - The simplest variety of bearing, made of a singular bearing surface and no rolling elements.
  • Roller Bearings - A rolling bearing which involves two concentric rings, known as races, to carry a load.
  • Sleeve Bearing - A tube or sleeve-like bearing which allows for either linear or rotational movement.

Buy Bearings Online

Whether you're searching for ball bearings, plain bearings, roller bearings, spherical bearings, or some other related item, such as bearing heaters and bearing seals, you can find what you need here at Motion.

We have one of the widest and largest product selections available for your next order, with products from only the finest brands. In addition, Motion aims to offer the very best prices, giving you maximum value on every order.


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"Hydrodynamic Bearing Housings"
" Covers & Caps"
Hydrodynamic Pillow Block Bearing - 2-15/16 in Bore, 15.0000 in Length, 9.6250 in Height, 8.7500 in Width, Cast Iron
MI ITEM #00588739
Factory Order
Dodge P4B076-ISAF-1400R HYD
Dodge  P4B076-ISAF-1400R HYD
Hydrodynamic Pillow Block Bearing - 14 in Bore, Ductile Iron
MI ITEM #03835421
MFR #P4B076-ISAF-1400R HYD
Factory Order
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Dodge P4B080-ISAF-1500R
Dodge  P4B080-ISAF-1500R
Hydrodynamic Pillow Block Bearing - 15 in Bore, 46.0000 in Length, 29.0000 in Height, Cast Iron
MI ITEM #03835422
MFR #P4B080-ISAF-1500R
Factory Order
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