Motion offers various broaches for cutting tool projects. Select from a variety of hex broaches, keyway broach sets, square broaches, and keyway broaches.

If you're looking for broaches and related items, like broach tools and broaching machine supplies, Motion is ready to meet your needs. Shop here for keyway broaches, hex broaches, and other broaches from trusted brands.

What Are Broaches?

Broaches are essential tools and accessories used in the world of metalworking. They can come in various forms and are similar to saws in terms of their shape, with teeth along the sides in order to grind away at material during the broaching process. Broaches can vary in terms of the number of teeth they have and the height of the teeth, and they're divided into different sections for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing.

What Is the Principle of Broaching?

Broaching is a metalworking process that involves the use of broaches in order to get rid of certain parts of material. There are two varieties of broaching, known as linear broaching and rotary broaching, and they involve different forms of broach movement. For linear broaching, the broach is passed in a linear way across the workpiece, while rotary broaching involves rotation of the broach.

The Best Broaches

At Motion, you can shop for the finest broaches and related items, including:

  • Keyway Broaches - A keyway broach is one that is used for forming keyway-shaped holes in a workpiece.
  • Hex Broaches - A hexagon or hex broach is used to form a hex-shaped hole in a workpiece through rotary broaching.
  • Broaching Machine Accessories - There are various other broaches and accessories used throughout broaching machines.

Buy Broaches Online

If you’re looking for top quality broaches at the fairest possible prices, Motion is the only place to be. We have one of the largest product ranges in the business, with prices that won’t be beat.

You can shop with confidence at Motion, as we only stock and supply products from trusted brands, and we always aim to please every customer with super service to match our top quality products.

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Brand: Somma Tool

Somma Tool HX00-3/16   

High Speed Steel M2 Grade Hex Broaches with overall length of 1-1/4" which makes a 3/16" hole and

MI ITEM 05066408

Factory Order
Somma Tool HX00-3/16
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Somma Tool HX00-3/16
Somma Tool HX00-3/16
MI ITEM 05066408
Available - Factory Order
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