Milling Cutters

Motion offers a collection of milling cutters for your cutting tool requirements. Choose from a variety of angle cutters, fly cutters, milling saws, and much more.

Choose Motion for your next order of mill cutters. Whether you need a heavy-duty side mill cutter or a cutter mill set, you’ll find a great range of high quality products from trusted brands right here.

What Is a Mill Cutter?

A mill cutter, also known as a milling cutter, is a type of cutting tool, used primarily in the world of milling for various milling operations. There are many different types of milling cutters, but they all have several features in common, including a shank, a flute, and a set of teeth that allow them to cut through workpieces and surfaces. They may vary in terms of their roughness, finish, number of teeth or grooves, and their shapes.

What Is a Mill Cutter Used for?

Mill cutters are used together with milling machines for various milling processes. Milling essentially involves the use of rotary cutters to get rid of material, and milling has been used throughout history in various forms. Since they come in so many forms and shapes, mill cutters are some of the most versatile tools in the world today, used across a range of different industries.

The Best Mill Cutters

At Motion, you can order top quality mill cutters in various forms, including:

  • End Mill - End mills have teeth along the sides, as well as at the end, and are used in vertical mills.
  • Ball Cutters - Also known as ball nose or ball ends, these mill cutters have a hemisphere shape.
  • Slab Mill - Slab mill cutters are used for gang milling operations.
  • Thread Mills - Thread mill cutters function a lot like end mills.
  • Face Mill - A specialized form of mill cutters that are used in facing.

Buy Mill Cutters Online

At Motion, you can find the very best mill cutters for sale at fair, competitive prices. Take a look through our full range of products and place your order with confidence today.

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Brand: Greenfield Industries

Greenfield Industries C45495   

321-Series Keyseat Cutter, Cutter Diameter: 3/4", Cutter Width: 3/16", Tooth Type: Straight Tooth

MI ITEM 03919260

Factory Order
Greenfield Industries C45495
for your price $124.26each
Greenfield Industries C45495
Greenfield Industries C45495
MI ITEM 03919260
Available - Factory Order