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Motion offers a selection of audible and visual signals for purchase. Choose from audible and visual signal combo units, audible signals, signal towers and stacklights, and visual signals.

If you're looking for the very best audible signal devices and visual distress signals, you can find everything you need at Motion. From simple visual signals to more advanced audible signal devices, we have a wide and varied selection of products ready to deliver to your location.

What are Audible and Visual Signals?

The term 'audible and visual signals' can apply to a very wide range of products, including audible signal devices like alarms and sirens, as well as visual signal systems like signal towers and lights. These items can vary widely in terms of their size, functionality, and versatility, but all serve similar purposes of providing either audio or visual signals, alarms, and pieces of information to users or the public.

What are Audible and Visual Signals Used for?

So, where can industrial audible signals and visual signal systems be used? Well, you can find these kinds of signals used in a wide range of settings and industries. One of the most common uses for visual signals like signal towers, for example, is in factories, warehouses, processing plants, and other industrial environments. The towers are often positioned beside machines, with different lights illuminating to show what state the machine is in, such as green for machines that are in operation and red for machines that are not currently in use. Meanwhile, audible signal devices like sirens and alarms can be used in many environments to let people know about possible hazards or dangers.

The Best Audible and Visual Signals

If you want to get the best results when working with visual distress signals and audible signal devices, you'll need to use high quality products that can provide the high levels of service you expect. That’s why Motion is the perfect place to shop for audible and visual signals, as we only stock products from trusted and proven brands.

Buy Audible and Visual Signals Online

Choose Motion for your next purchase of visual signals or audible signal devices. We have a massive selection of products to choose from, all at the most competitive prices. Browse the full range and place your order now.


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Brand: Banner Engineering Corporation
Banner Engineering Corporation TL70GBRAQ-807988 RGB ANDON LIGHT ASSEMBLY
Banner Engineering Corporation  TL70GBRAQ-807988 RGB ANDON LIGHT ASSEMBLY
Banner Indicator Light with Ext Rod and Control Box
MI ITEM #08268692
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