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Motion has a robust inventory of sensors and switches for your electrical project requirements. Browse through a huge collection of drum switches, flow sensors, indicating lights, alarms, flow switches, magnetic sensors, photoelectric sensors, and much more.

If you’re searching for top quality sensors and switches from leading brands like Aventics, Warner Electric, and Barksdale Inc, you can find all you need and more here at Motion. Choose from a huge range of switches, sensors, and other electrical accessories.

What are Sensors and Switches?

Sensors and switches are electrical components that are used in many systems and devices. Sensors, as the name implies, are designed to sense or respond to certain changes or stimuli. A sensor might be able to detect changes in temperature, for example, or exposure to a certain element.

Sensors can also detect moisture, changes in electrical current, and so on, triggering different responses or actions elsewhere in the system. Switches, meanwhile, are electrical components that are able to control electrical circuits by connecting or disconnecting certain pathways and parts.

What do Sensors and Switches do?

The main purpose of items like sensors and switches is to provide additional levels of control over electrical systems and appliances. We can use sensors in electrical systems to control the way a device, machine, or system behaves when certain conditions are met or certain triggers are encountered, for example, while switches are useful for controlling the flow of power through a system or device, making it easier to turn on and off or adjust certain elements of its functionality.

The Best Sensors and Switches

If you want to get the best results when working with toggle switches, electrical sensors, camshaft position sensors, and similar items, you need to invest in the best products. That's why Motion only stocks and sells top quality switches from brands you can trust.

Buy Sensors and Switches Online

Whether you want capacitive proximity sensors, drum switches, dry contact switches, flow sensors, flow switches, level sensors, magnetic sensors, pressure switches, or some other kinds of switches and sensors, you’ll find it all at Motion. Take a full look through our huge range of products and place your order today.


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