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Motion has a collection of hammers and axes for your hand and power tools requirements. Select from axes; hatchets; mallets; and ball pein, claw, dead blow, machinist, sledge, and engineers' hammers.

Looking for top quality hammers you can count on to use for years of hard work and various projects? If so, Motion is the place to be. We stock and supply a vast range of only the finest hammers in various shapes, sizes, and forms.

What are Hammers?

A hammer is a tool that typically featured a weighted head attached to a handle. The user holds the handle and swings the head to deliver a strong force onto a surface, workpiece, or fastener. There are various different forms of hammers, like the claw hammer, which has a claw section that can be used for pulling nails and other fasteners out of workpieces, as well as ball peen hammers or ball pein hammers, which have two heads and are primarily used for metalwork.

What are Hammers Used for?

Hammers are mainly used for delivering a strong force onto a relatively small area. This may be useful in many different situations and industries, from woodwork and metalwork to engineering and more. For example, a hammer may be used to drive a nail into a piece of wood, or it could be used to crush materials like rock. Hammers may also be used for shaping, especially in the world of metalwork, and they're commonly seen in carpentry and blacksmith settings.

The Best Hammers

You’ll find nothing but the finest hammers from trusted brands such as Proto Tools and Stanley Trade Tools for sale here at Motion, including the following varieties:

  • Claw Hammers - Featuring a claw for pulling nails out of wood.
  • Ball Pein Hammers - Featuring one rounded head and one flat head.
  • Dead Blow Hammers - Featuring a hollow head filled with sand for reduced recoil.
  • Sledge Hammers - Featuring very large heads and long handles.

Buy Hammers Online

Motion is the best place to shop for hammers of all kinds, from ball pein hammers to tack hammers, machinist hammers, and more. Check out our full collection of high quality hammers and place your order today.