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Motion carries a robust inventory of hand tools. Select from cable and wire tools, clamps, combination hand tool sets, digging tools, hammers and axes, hand saws, hex keys, knives and scrapers, magnetizers and demagnitizers, metal forming tools, pliers, wrenches, ratchets, drive tools, scissors, screwdrivers, specialty tools, and much more.

If you’re searching for professional-grade hand tools, including the likes of hammers, hand saws, hex keys, and more, Motion is the place to be. We offer a huge range of high quality hand tools from the best brands in the business, like Klein Tools, Ames, and Proto Tools.

What are Hand Tools?

Hand tools are simply tools that are operated by hand. They’re usually quite small compared to larger machines and power tools, allowing the user to easily pick them up and work with them. The history of hand tools goes back thousands of years, and people have been using basic hand tools like hammers, knives, and saws for construction, woodwork, and more. There are many different examples of modern hand tools, including pliers, clamps, multi-tools, chisels, ratchets, and screwdrivers.

What are Hand Tools Used for?

Hand tools can have a huge range of potential uses, and each tool is different, with its own specific purposes and usage scenarios. A hammer, for example, can be used during woodworking to hit screws into position and join pieces of wood together, while saws can be used to cut materials and workpieces down to size. There are plenty of other woodworking hand tools, as well as hand tools that can be used with metal, plastic, and glass.

The Best Hand Tools

When it comes to hand tools, quality counts, and you’ll find only the best hand tool sets for sale at Motion. This includes:

  • Hammers
  • Presses
  • Vises
  • Clamps
  • Pry Bars
  • Punches
  • Shears
  • Screwdrivers
  • Sockets
  • Hex Keys
  • Punches

Buy Hand Tools Online

Motion aims to be your number 1 choice when it comes to high quality hand tools at affordable prices. We have one of the biggest selections of hand tools anywhere online, with countless high-grade products in-stock and ready to ship to your location. Check out the full range and place your order today.

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AIMCO 3115   

Ratchet - Flexible Head, Standard Release Type, 1/4 in Drive Size

MI ITEM 05485066

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AIMCO 3115
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AIMCO 3115
AIMCO 3115
MI ITEM 05485066
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