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Motion offers router bits for your hand and power tools needs. Select from a collection of diamond-pattern, edging and shaping, spiral, and straight router bits.

Looking for good quality router bits for forming wood joints or shaping the edges of wooden workpieces? If so, you can find all you need here at Motion. We stock and supply a range of router bits in various shapes and sizes.

What Is a Router Bit?

So, what exactly do we mean by a router bit or router bit sets? Well, just like drill bits are designed to be used with drills, router bit sets are made to be used with routers. A router is a type of power tool that has a flat bottom and a sharp blade at the base, used for cutting mostly wood, but also plastic. There are various router bit types, like grooving router bit sets and joinery router bits.

What Is a Router Bit Set Used for?

Router bits and routers are used for a variety of purposes. They're primarily used in the fields of woodworking and carpentry, designed to rout or hollow out parts of wooden or plastic workpieces. They're great for forming wood joints, making them useful for cabinetry, and can also be used for shaping the edges of wooden items and surfaces.

The Best Router Bits

You can find a great range of top-quality router bit sets for sale here at Motion, including:

  • Grooving Bits - As the name suggests, grooving router bits like straight bits and V-groove router bits are ideal for grooving wooden workpieces.
  • Joinery Router Bits - These kinds of router bits are used for cutting notches in two different pieces in order to form joints, including the likes of rabbeting router bits and glue joint router bits.
  • Edge-Forming Bits - These router bits are used for shaping the edges of a piece of wood.

Buy Router Bits Online

No matter whether you need something specific, like a V-groove router bit, or if you’re shopping for full router bit sets, you’ll find everything you need here at Motion. Check out the full collection of router bits and place your order today with a company you can trust.


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Brand: Bamcarbide
Bamcarbide SP033
Bamcarbide  SP033
Bamcarbide Spiral Router Bit, Cutter Diameter: 1/4", Length of Cut: 7/8", Flute Type: Compression Spiral
MI ITEM #04897751
MFR #SP033
Factory Order
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