Hose Fittings

Motion carries a robust inventory of hose fittings for your hose and fittings needs. Choose from crimping ferrules, hose ends, and hose fitting parts.

Looking for high quality hose fittings? No matter whether you need compression fittings, cam and groove fittings, air brake fittings, flange kits, swivel adapters, or quick disconnects, you can find all of the best hose fittings and adapters for sale here at Motion.

What are Hose Fittings?

A hose fitting or hose coupling is a kind of adapter or attachment that can be positioned at the end of a hose. This allows the hose to connect to other hoses, appliances, machines, and so on. Hose fittings come in many different forms and sizes. They can be made of many materials, too, such as steel, aluminum, plastic, or brass, and each kind of hose fitting has its own use and purpose.

What are Hose Fittings Used for?

The main use of any hose adapter, like a hose quick connect adapter or quick disconnect, is to allow a hose to connect to something else. You can use hose fittings to connect multiple hoses together to form a single longer hose, for example, or hose adapters can be used to connect hoses to faucets, tanks, and so on. Propane fittings, for example, may be used to join a hose to a propane tank, or hose fittings could be used to connect hoses to certain appliances. There are lots of potential uses, and hose fittings are crucial in many industries.

The Best Hose Fittings

You’ll find only the finest hose fittings and hose adapters for sale at Motion, including:

  • Hose Quick Connect and Disconnect - Designed for rapid connections and disconnections of hoses and accessories.
  • Hose Ends - Positioned at the end of hoses to control the flow of fluids and gases out of the hose.
  • Hose Fitting Parts - Used to facilitate the attachment of hose fittings and couplings.

Buy Hose Fittings Online

No matter what kind of hose fittings you require, you can find everything you need at Motion. We stock and sell a huge range of hose adapters from big brands like Gates and Dixon. Check out the full selection and place your order today.

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Danfoss Adapters 22617-7
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Danfoss Adapters 22617-7
Danfoss Adapters 22617-7
MI ITEM 08410217
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