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Motion offers a vast selection of hose products to meet your hose and fittings needs. Choose from flexible ducting hose, hose assemblies, hydraulic hose and accessories, industrial hose, and more.

If you're looking for the best quality hose and tubing products, including PVC tubes, polyurethane hoses, and many more varieties, you'll find all you need and more at Motion, the home of tools, industrial supplies, and equipment.

What are Hose & Tubing Products?

The terms "hoses" and "tubing" are quite broad, covering a wide range of products with many different uses. Tubing, for example, can be any long, hollow, cylindrical item that is used to transport fluids or to cover up cables and wires. Meanwhile, hoses are simply a subset of tubes, designed for the transportation of fluids from one place to another. There are lots of different types and sizes of hose and tubing products, from an air hose to a hydraulic hose, and they can be made from lots of different materials like nylon, PVC, rubber, and polyethylene.

What are Hose & Tubing Products Used for?

Hoses and tubing products have a huge range of different uses. The primary purpose of a hose, for example, is to transport fluids or gases from one place to another. An example of this could be a simple garden hose, which is used to take water and spray it across a lawn, or an air hose. Tubing, meanwhile, can also be used for the transportation of fluids, but tubes can have other uses, such as protecting or covering wires and cables, such as electrical cables or optical cables. These products are used in a range of industries.

The Best Hose & Tubing Products

When it comes to industrial hoses and tubing products, it’s important to buy good quality items that will stand the test of time. You’ll find only the best hose and tubing essentials for sale here at Motion, including:

  • Industrial Hoses
  • Industrial Tubing
  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Hose Assemblies
  • Hose Couplings and Accessories

Buy Hose & Tubing Products Online

Motion is the place to be for hose and tubing products in countless sizes and styles. No matter what kind of hose or tube you need, you’ll surely find it here. Check out the full range and place your order today.


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Brand: Apache
Apache 98102706
Apache  98102706
Industrial Air Hose - 0.375 in ID, 0.58 in OD, 300 psi Maximum Working Pressure, Oil Resistant RMA Class A Rubber Tube, Oil Resistant RMA Class A Rubber Cover, 50 ft Length
MI ITEM #08264992
MFR #98102706
Factory Order
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