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Motion carries a vast selection of hose and fitting products available for purchase. Choose from adapters, air brake fittings, cam & groove fittings, compression fittings, flange kits, hose fittings, tubing, hose reels, quick disconnects, sanitary fittings, plumbing and pipe fittings, hose accessories, and much more.

Discover one of the biggest and best selections of industrial hoses and fittings for sale in the Motion online store. No matter what type of hoses and fittings you're looking for, you're sure to find them here, including flange kits, compression fittings, hose reels, quick disconnects, and hose ends in many sizes and materials, all at the lowest prices.

What are Hose & Fittings?

A hose is simply defined as a flexible tube with a hollow center, used for transporting fluids from place to place. Terms like piping and tubing may also be used for hoses, and they can be made from a wide range of different materials, including natural rubber, synthetic rubber, PVC, nylon, and polyurethane, with each of these materials having its own pros, cons, and key features to take into account.

When we talk about hose fittings, this term usually refers to the various attachments and accessories that are used in conjunction with hoses in order to change the way they work or to attach them to various other devices, containers, appliances, or even to connect two separate hoses together into a longer line of tubing. Common hose fittings may include hose ends, nozzles, connectors, crimping ferrules, and adapters.

What are Hose & Fittings Used for?

Hoses and fittings have an enormous range of applications. In everyday life, we can see hoses being used in residential properties, with homeowners using their own garden or yard hoses to spray water onto lawns and flowerbeds, or to clean their cars. But at an industrial level, hoses and fittings have an even wider range of possible applications and can be utilized in many different fields of industry.

Hoses may be used in the world of agriculture, for example, in irrigation systems to water crops and plants. They may also be used by firefighters to deliver water to the site of fire to aid with extinguishing the blaze, while metal and plastic hoses can be used in construction to move water around a building, and automotive hoses are used for delivering key fluids throughout an automobile, like cooling fluids and hydraulics.

There are also fuel hoses, which are used for transporting fuel from place to place, and high-pressure hoses, which are commonly used in the oil industry to move oil at high levels of pressure. We can also find hoses and fittings in certain machines, as well as air brake and vacuum systems.

The Best Hose & Fittings

As we can see, there are lots of potential uses for hoses and fittings, but if you want to get the best results from industrial hoses, couplings, connectors, and accessories, you need to invest in the best quality items from brands you can count on, and that’s where Motion comes in. At Motion, we only stock and sell the finest hoses and fittings from reliable, proven brands, like Gates, 3M, Boston Industrial, Brennan, Campbell Fitting, and Danfoss Aeroquip.

Buy Hose & Fittings Online

Motion is the number 1 choice for industrial hoses and fittings. With tens of thousands of products to choose from and countless forms of hoses and fittings to suit every industry and application, there’s no better place to shop. Take a look through the full Motion range and place your order today.


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