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What are Hydraulic Cartridge Valves?

There are many different components in a hydraulic machine or system, and hydraulic cartridge valves are some of the most crucial components of all. Also known by other names like logic valves, slip-in valves, or 2-way valves, hydraulic cartridge valves provide directional control to manage the movement of hydraulic liquid through a hydraulic machine or system. They're key components of many hydraulic systems.

What do Hydraulic Cartridge Valves do?

Hydraulic cartridge valves can have slightly different designs, but all tend to function in similar ways. In general, they will have three main components: a sleeve, a valve poppet, and a closing spring. As fluid enters, it pushes the valve popper open, and the spring keeps it in place and closes the poppet when the valve is not in use. In practice, these valves can be used for various functions in a hydraulic system, including controlling the pressure or adjusting the direction of flow.

The Best Hydraulic Cartridge Valves

When it comes to any kind of valves, including hydraulic cartridge valves, quality is key. You need to use good quality products if you want to see the best results and enjoy long-lasting performance. That’s why Motion only stocks and sells the best hydraulic cartridge valves from manufacturers with proven track records of success.

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Brand: Power Team (SPX)
Power Team (SPX) 9633
Power Team (SPX)  9633
Screw-In Solenoid Valve - Hydraulic Actuation, Reversible Action, 6 gpm Max Flow
MI ITEM #01508782
MFR #9633
Factory Order
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