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Our hydraulic expertise is second to none. We can help find what you're looking for. Browse our wide selection of hydraulic components including accumulators, cylinders, gauges, flow meters, pumps, valves, rotary actuators, high-speed motors, shock absorbers, and much more.

Find a wide range of only the finest hydraulics systems, devices, and components for sale at Motion. Our hydraulic and pneumatics collection is one of the largest in the world, including everything from high-speed hydraulic motors to hydraulic valves, cylinders, filtration systems, jacks, heat exchangers, power units, presses, and more.

What are Hydraulics and Why are They Important?

At a broad level, the term hydraulics refers to the study of fluids in motion, but when we talk about industrial-level hydraulics systems and devices, this generally refers to systems that rely on pressurized liquids to transmit power or generate some sort of movement. There are many examples of hydraulics-based systems in use across various industries, all based around the concept of using contained, compressed liquid to trigger movement.

There are many different components, devices, and machines that make use of hydraulics. This includes everything from actuators and hoses to presses and steering systems. Hydraulic motors are a great example of hydraulics in action; these mechanical actuators are able to convert hydraulic pressure into torque to power various machines and devices. Hydraulic pumps are another commonly-used example; commonly used in hydraulic drive systems, these pumps change mechanical power into hydraulic energy.

There are many advantages to working with hydraulics, especially when compared to pneumatics. For example, hydraulic devices are typically capable of generating larger forces and moving heavier loads than pneumatic counterparts. Hydraulic systems are also very responsive and versatile, capable of carrying out multiple functions simultaneously, not just powering a machine but also lubricating and cooling the parts.

What are Hydraulics Used for?

The main purpose of hydraulic and pneumatics parts and systems is to generate movement or motion in a mechanical system or machine, usually to push or lift heavy items or loads. We can find hydraulic and pneumatics systems in large vehicles and aircraft, for example, and they're also used in lots of construction and agriculture equipment, along with other industries, like aerospace, automotive, and energy.

The Best Hydraulics Products

It’s clear to see that hydraulic and pneumatics are crucial components for many industries and industrial processes, but they’re not all made equal; if you want to get the best results when working with hydraulic parts, from pumps to motors, you need to invest in good quality items from trusted brands, like those that you’ll find at Motion Industries; we only stock and sell the very best hydraulics equipment from leading suppliers, like Hydac, AW-Lake, Danfoss, and Nachi.

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Choose Motion for all of your future orders of hydraulics products. We have one of the most comprehensive collections of hydraulics products anywhere in the world, with tens of thousands of top quality products to choose from at fair and affordable prices. Take a look through the full selection and place your order today.


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Brand: Aerzen USA
Aerzen USA 157554/1 HYD FILTER
Aerzen USA  157554/1 HYD FILTER
Aerzen USA 157554/1 HYD FILTER
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MFR #157554/1 HYD FILTER
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