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Motion carries a vast inventory of linear motion solutions for several industrial uses. Select from a wide range of linear motion accessories, profile rails, actuators, shafts, Acme screws, linear cam guides, acme and ball screw accessories, and more.

Looking for high quality linear motion products and supplies, including acme balls, acme screws, ball nuts, ball screws, linear cam guides, linear guide components, profile rails, round shafts, and actuators? Find all of the linear motion supplies you need at Motion.

What are Linear Motion Supplies?

The term "linear motion supplies" can be used to cover any parts, components, or items that are used in linear motion systems. This may include a wide range of parts and products, varying in size, shape, design, and intended usage. Some examples of linear motion supplies include actuators, which are helpful for initiating motion along the axis, like ball and Acme screws, as well as linear bearings that help to provide support and linear motors to actually produce motion itself.

What are Linear Motion Supplies Used for?

Linear motion supplies are used in linear guide mechanisms and linear motion systems. In simple terms, these kinds of systems and mechanisms are used to move or position objects in a straight (linear) line with high levels of precision and accuracy. This can be very important in a huge range of industries, and it's vital when it comes to producing very accurate and reliable parts and products.

The Best Linear Motion Supplies

You'll find nothing but the best linear motion items for sale here at Motion, including:

  • Actuators - Items like Acme balls and screws, used for initiating motion.
  • Bearings - Items such as roller guides and rolling bushings to provide support for the system.
  • Linear Motors - Provide motion directly, without the need for mechanical elements like screws and gears.

Buy Linear Motion Supplies Online

Choose Motion for your next order of linear motion essentials. We have a huge range of products in stock and ready to ship safely and rapidly to your location. Check out the full range and order today.


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Brand: Formsprag Clutch
Formsprag Clutch RWB400
Formsprag Clutch  RWB400
Rollerway Bearing - Series RWB
MI ITEM #00034632
Factory Order
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Formsprag Clutch RWB200
Formsprag Clutch  RWB200
Rollerway Bearing - Series RWB
MI ITEM #00034631
Factory Order
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