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Motion carries vast inventory of conveyor chain and sprockets for your material handling needs. Choose from a large variety of flat top conveyor chain sprockets, parts and accessories.

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What Are Conveyor Chain & Sprockets?

Conveyor chain, as the name implies, is a key component used in chain conveyor belts. A chain conveyor is a specific variety of conveyor system that can be used to move materials along a production or processing line. Chain conveyors are made up of a long stretch of chain that runs around and around to transport materials from one point to another. At the ends, the conveyor chain rolls over components called sprockets. A sprocket, or chainwheel, is a wheel with teeth around the outside. The chain meshes with the teeth, allowing the sprocket to rotate the chain around and turn it back on itself at the end of the belt.

What Is Conveyor Chain Used for?

Components like conveyor chain and conveyor chain sprockets are used to form chain conveyors. And the main purpose of a chain conveyor is to convey or transport material from one place to another, usually along a production line in a factory. Due to their strength and ability to support heavy loads, chain conveyors are regularly used to transport very large and heavy items like pallets and industrial containers. They can be used in the automotive industry, as well as in metal finishing, production, and more.

The Best Conveyor Chain & Sprockets

If you want to get the best results and avoid any disappointment when working with conveyor chain components, like sprockets and drag chain conveyor parts, you need to invest in good quality products that won’t let you down, like those that you’ll find in the Motion Industries collection.

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Brand: Ammerall Beltech Inc
Ammerall Beltech Inc 30LF820K400 Brown
Ammerall Beltech Inc  30LF820K400 Brown
Uni-Chain Slat Top Conveyor Chain - Straight Running, 4.0000 in Flight Width, 1.5000 in Chain Pitch, POM LF Flight Material, Brown Color
MI ITEM #07849938
MFR #30LF820K400 Brown
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