Nose Plows

Motion stocks lane dividers and accessories for purchase including nose plows and UHMW lane dividers. Explore our selection of lane divider accessories by type, width, material, and length.

If you're looking for lane dividers, you’ll find all you need and more at Motion. We stock and sell a huge range of high quality UHMW products, from UHMW guide rails to lane dividers in various sizes and forms.

What Are Lane Dividers and Accessories?

Lane dividers are conveyor system components that are made of UHMW plastic, otherwise known as ultra high molecular weight. UHMW plastic is one of the most-used materials in industry right now, as it offers a wide range of benefits. In particular, ultra high molecular weight plastic is known for being very strong and resistant. It can cope with changes in temperature, exposure to changing conditions, and even bumps and impacts without breaking or buckling under the pressure, so UHMW lane dividers are some of the toughest you can get.

What Are Lane Dividers and Accessories Used for?

As the name implies, lane dividers are primarily used to divide lanes along a conveyor system. A user can install the lane dividers along the conveyor, and then, as materials flow along, they can be diverted into individual lanes and separated accordingly. Lane dividers are key elements in a lot of conveyors and material transport systems in general, and lane dividers can be used in many industries, from food processing to agriculture.

The Best Lane Dividers and Accessories

If you want to make sure you’re buying high quality lane dividers that won’t let you down, you need to find a trusted and proven provider. Motion aims to be your number 1 choice for conveyor products, including the best lane dividers from leading brands, like System Plast.

Buy Lane Dividers and Accessories Online

Ready to place an order for lane dividers? If so, we invite you to check out our full range of UHMW products and add any items you need to your shopping cart. Not only can Motion offer the widest range of quality products, but we also aim to provide the most competitive prices and fastest order processing times for your convenience.


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Product Type: Nose Plows
System Plast VG-LDNP-20
System Plast  VG-LDNP-20
UHMW Nose Plow - 2.000 in Height, 1.500 in Length, 0.750 in Width, UHMW Material
MI ITEM #06903355
Factory Order
System Plast VG-LDA-100NP
System Plast  VG-LDA-100NP
Solus® UHMW Nose Plow - 2.250 in Height, 2.000 in Length, UHMW Material
MI ITEM #04320466
Factory Order
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