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Motion carries a large selection of ladders for material handling needs. Browse through a variety of straight ladders, adjustable height stools, loft ladders, wall mount steps, ladder accessories, and much more.

Find a great range of ladders for sale at the most competitive prices at Motion Industries. No matter what type, size, or form of ladders you need, from simple step ladders to extension ladders, telescopic ladders, and more, you'll find it all in the Motion online store.

What Are Ladders?

A ladder is a climbing tool that typically consists of a set of rungs or steps attached to two long columns along the sides. The rungs or steps are spaced out intermittently at fixed intervals. There are lots of different kinds of ladders. Step ladders, for example, usually have a supporting frame at the back to keep the ladder steady, along with large steps that the user can climb up or descend. Other varieties include extension ladders or telescopic ladders, which can be extended to additional lengths to allow the user to reach a greater height, if required.

What Are Ladders Used for?

The main purpose of ladders is to allow people to climb safely up to high places or descend from high areas to the ground with minimal risk of injuries or accidents occurring. There are many professionals who make use of ladders as part of their work, such as construction workers, those working on or repairing telephone cables, certain types of cleaners, and so on. Whenever a high space needs to be reached, a ladder can be useful.

The Best Ladders

When it comes to items like ladders, it’s vital to use high quality products that won’t let you down. Weak or flimsy ladders could buckle under pressure and might cause accidents or injuries, but good quality ladders can provide the solidity and stability you need. You’ll find only the finest ladders for sale here at Motion Industries.

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Choose Motion Industries for your next order of ladders. Whether you need extension ladders, step ladders, telescopic ladders, cross-over ladders, or some other variety, you'll find it all in our large ladders collection. Choose from hundreds of products from leading manufacturers like Louisville, Ladder-Max, and Erectastep.


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Brand: Erectastep
Erectastep 90032
Erectastep  90032
Platform Ladder -
MI ITEM #05242618
MFR #90032
In stock
Erectastep 90035
Erectastep  90035
Platform Ladder-5 Step -
MI ITEM #07084623
MFR #90035
In stock
Erectastep 90034
Erectastep  90034
Platform Ladder -4 Step -
MI ITEM #07084622
MFR #90034
Factory Order
Erectastep 90031
Erectastep  90031
Platform Ladder -
MI ITEM #05242617
MFR #90031
Factory Order
Erectastep 90033
Erectastep  90033
Platform Ladder -3 Step -
MI ITEM #07084621
MFR #90033
In stock
Erectastep 90036
Erectastep  90036
Platform Ladder -6 Step -
MI ITEM #07084624
MFR #90036
In stock
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