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If you're looking for carts and hoppers for all your material handling needs, Motion Industries is the place to be. Discover a diverse and large collection of carts and hoppers in various sizes and forms, from bin carts to self dumping hoppers from leading brands.

What Are Carts & Hoppers?

Carts and hoppers are essential material handling components found in countless factories, warehouses, processing plants, and production facilities all over the globe. Carts usually take the form of a series of platforms suspended on a bed of wheels that allow the cart to be rolled around. Items can be placed on the platforms, and carts can be found in a wide range of sizes, with different materials and platform amounts.

Hoppers, meanwhile, are large containers that may have pyramid-like or cone shapes and are typically used to store and convey large amounts of bulk materials such as grains, seeds, flour, sugar, powdered chemicals, and wood chips. Just like with carts, hoppers are available in various materials, sizes, and types, including portable hoppers and self dumping hoppers.

What Do Carts & Hoppers Do?

The main usage of carts and hoppers is for material handling and conveyance. They're often used to transport materials and items from place to place. Carts are quite versatile and can be loaded up with various materials and then rolled around a warehouse or factory floor, while hoppers can be installed as part of a larger conveyance system in order to fill up gradually as materials move along the conveyors. These kinds of items are used in a lot of different industries, from food processing to chemical processing and more.

The Best Carts & Hoppers

In order to get the best results and most consistent, long-lasting quality from your carts and hoppers, you need to buy and make use of only the finest items from industry leading brands, like those that you’ll find in the Motion Industries product range.

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No matter what type or size of carts or hoppers you require, from portable hoppers to self dumping hoppers for forklifts, you'll find everything you require in Motion Industries' large collection. Not only do we have countless products to choose from, but we also aim to offer the fairest prices and best levels of service; check out the full range and place your order today.


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Brand: Akro-Mils
Akro-Mils R1S5HR2LD3048
Akro-Mils  R1S5HR2LD3048
Shelf Cart - 30 in Wide, 25 in High, Gray, Steel
MI ITEM #05380333
MFR #R1S5HR2LD3048
Factory Order
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Akro-Mils 30936GREY
Akro-Mils  30936GREY
Raised Handle Utility Cart 400 lb. Capacity, 45-5/8\ inL x 24\ inW x 34-3/4\ inH
MI ITEM #04750539
MFR #30936GREY
Factory Order
Akro-Mils R1S5HR3048
Akro-Mils  R1S5HR3048
Shelf Cart - 30 in Wide, 30 in High, Gray, Steel
MI ITEM #05380332
MFR #R1S5HR3048
Factory Order
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Akro-Mils R2T5HR1830
Akro-Mils  R2T5HR1830
Tray Service Cart - 30 in Wide, 32.5 in High, Gray, Steel
MI ITEM #05151458
MFR #R2T5HR1830
Factory Order
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