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Motion offers a large collection of caster wheel parts and accessories for your material handling needs. Explore a variety of caster and wheel parts, floor locks, caster rigs, and caster accessories.

If you're looking to purchase high quality caster and wheel parts and accessories for industrial usage, Motion Industries is the place to find the products you require. We have a large selection of industrial essentials to suit every situation, including the best caster rigs, floor locks, and caster stems.

What Are Caster and Wheel Parts & Accessories?

Casters and wheels are typically placed at the base of various other items, such as carts and hoppers, to help them move along freely. Various parts and accessories can be used to help these casters and wheels move smoothly and remain in position, like caster rigs, floor locks, and caster stems. A caster stem or stem caster typically consists of a threaded bolt attached to a caster. The bolt can pass through into the base of an object, like a cart or trolley, in order to attach the caster wheel. There are various other kinds of caster and wheel parts and accessories that help with the installation and functionality of casters and wheels.

What Do Caster and Wheel Parts & Accessories Do?

The main purpose of caster and wheel parts and accessories is to facilitate the installation and usage of casters. These small components help to keep casters and wheels in position, making it easier for industrial users to move items, like carts and hoppers, around across warehouse and factory floors or through some kind of conveyance system. These items are used in many different industrial settings, from food and chemical processing to manufacture and automotive production.

Top Quality Caster and Wheel Parts From The Best Brands

To avoid any kind of disappointment or dissatisfaction when working with caster and wheel parts and accessories like caster stems and rigs, you must use good quality components from leading brands. Motion Industries is the perfect place to find quality parts you can rely on, including floor locks and caster accessories from manufacturers like Albion and Pemco.

Buy Caster & Wheel Parts & Accessories Online

Choose Motion Industries for all your future orders of caster accessories and wheel parts. We have one of the largest selections of caster accessories online, along with great prices and speedy shipping guaranteed to your location. Check out the full range of products in this section and place your order today.


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Brand: Vestil Manufacturing Company
Vestil Manufacturing Company FL-ADJ-46
Vestil Manufacturing Company  FL-ADJ-46
Vestil® FL-ADJ-46 Extendable Floor Lock Designed for Casters with 6-1/4" to 8" Height and 4" to 6" Wheel Dia.
MI ITEM #05650856
Factory Order
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