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Motion has a collection of hand trucks available for your material handling requirements. Choice of weight capacity, caster/wheel type, and brand.

Searching for hand trucks from trusted brands like Little Giant, Pro-Source, and Justrite? If so, you can find all the hand trucks you need at the very best prices in the Motion Industries online store.

What Are Hand Trucks?

A hand truck or hand cart, which may also be known under other names like a box cat, dolly, or stack truck, is a hand-operated, L-shaped handcart. It features a set of handles at one end, usually with two wheels at the base and a small platform at the front that objects can be placed on. The user can then pull the handles back to lift the items with relative ease and convenience and move them from place to place. There are various types and sizes of hand trucks, with some models having larger platforms or additional wheels compared to others.

What Are Hand Trucks Used for?

Originally, hand trucks were created back in the 18th century and used for hauling bags of spices. These days, they have many other uses, and are very helpful whenever large and heavy items need to be moved from place to place. They make it easier, safer, and more convenient for people to move heavy items without needing to lift them or handle all of their weight, and they're much cheaper and easier to work with than the likes of forklifts.

The Best Hand Trucks

When it comes to hand trucks, quality counts. If you want to get the best results, you need to invest in quality models that have the strength and durability to go the distance, like those in the Motion Industries collection.

Buy Hand Trucks Online

Find a wide array of top-rated hand trucks and other material handling essentials at Motion Industries. No matter whether you need a specific size of hand cart, a hand pallet truck, or a unique type of hand truck dolly, you can find it all right here, with the best prices guaranteed. Check out the full range and order today for speedy shipping to your location.


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