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Motion stocks a variety of accessories for mechanical power transmission applications. Keep your power transmission systems in working order with belt parts and accessories in Motion's inventory.
Belting tools, parts, and accessories support power transmission belts. They include timing belt clamps, belt and chain guides, and chain and belt tensioners. Timing belt clamps join the ends of a timing belt in applications that require linear movement between two pulleys, such as actuators. Belt and chain guides reduce friction as they guide belts and chains. They are typically made out of tough plastic that resists abrasion and shock. Chain and belt tensioners maintain correct tension in chains and belts. Too much tension causes wear, while too little tension decreases power and allows the belt to slip.

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Brand: Columbus McKinnon
Columbus McKinnon 73772
Columbus McKinnon  73772
Belt or Chain Guide -
MI ITEM #05551751
MFR #73772
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