Industrial V-Belts

V-belts belts power drives that have small pulley diameters and high speed ratios. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, V-belts provide superior load carrying capacity, controlled clutching, traction, and maximum power transfer. Built for long, dependable service, V-belts resist oil, heat, and extreme weather conditions. A wide variety of V-belt sizes and types support light-duty industrial and heavy-duty industrial applications. V-belts transfer power for the conveyors, air handling fans, blowers, exhausts, pumps, compressors, crushers, breakers, mills, planers, lathes, and machine tools. When working with light industrial machinery, choose from cog-band, wedge-band, vee-band, FHP, and other popular V-belt types. Heavy-duty industrial applications rely on banded cog belts, classic V-belts, double-V belts, and many other types of V-belts.
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