Roller Chain

Motion offers a robust inventory of roller chain for your mechanical power transmission needs. Choice of measurement standard, series, chain size and pitch, chain construction, number of strands, material, and overall length.

Roller chains are some of the most used mechanical power transmission products, used in countless industries and applications. If you're looking for top quality roller chains from trusted brands like Link-Belt and Diamond Chain Company, you can find all you need at Motion.

What are Roller Chains?

A roller chain, also known as bush roller chain, is a type of chain drive. It's used for the transmission of mechanical power on a wide range of pieces of machinery, from conveyor belts to printing presses and automobiles. The tool itself consists of a series of cylindrical rollers that are connected together through a series of side links. A toothed wheel, known as a sprocket, helps to drive the chain and generate motion, and roller chains are famed for their high levels of versatility and reliability.

What are Roller Chains Used for?

Since roller chains are some of the most versatile forms of mechanical power transmission accessories, they can have many different uses across a wide range of industries. It's common to see bush roller chains being used in both domestic and industrial pieces of machinery, for example, and they can be found in everything from bicycles and motorcycles to cars, chainsaws, power tools, aircraft, agricultural machinery, and more.

The Best Roller Chains

When using any kind of mechanical power transmission products, including roller chains, it’s vital to buy and use the best quality items for the job. No matter what kind of roller chain size you need, you'll find the finest chains for sale here at Motion.

Buy Roller Chains Online

You can count on Motion for all of your mechanical power transmission needs. We have a wide range of top-quality products for sale, including roller chains, all at the fairest prices. Check out the full collection and place your order today.

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Brand: Allied-Locke Ind Inc

Allied-Locke Ind Inc 160-3   

Multi Strand Chain

MI ITEM 07264493

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Allied-Locke Ind Inc 160-3
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Allied-Locke Ind Inc 160-3
Allied-Locke Ind Inc 160-3
MI ITEM 07264493
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