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Electromagnetic brakes and clutches are activated by electrical signals. Electromagnetic clutches effectively transmit torque in conveyor drives. Electric brakes, sometimes referred to as electric friction brakes, are controlled by electric current to slow or stop motion of rotating components.

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Brand: Browning
Browning SHSTP 6 56B
Browning  SHSTP 6 56B
Browning 964225 BRAKE KIT
MI ITEM #00542399
In stock
Browning SHSTP 1.5 56B
Browning  SHSTP 1.5 56B
Browning 964220 BRAKE KIT
MI ITEM #00542435
MFR #SHSTP 1.5 56B
Factory Order
Browning 964223  BRAKE KIT
Browning  964223 BRAKE KIT
Browning 964223 BRAKE KIT
MI ITEM #00542392
Factory Order
Browning SHSTP 35 210B
Browning  SHSTP 35 210B
Browning 364964 35FT-LB BRAKE KIT
MI ITEM #00542449
MFR #SHSTP 35 210B
Factory Order
Browning SHSTP 10 180B
Browning  SHSTP 10 180B
Browning 958195 BRAKE KIT
MI ITEM #00542401
MFR #SHSTP 10 180B
Factory Order
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