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Discover a wide array of mechanical power transmission clutches and brakes for sale at Motion's online store. Choose from various sizes and types of clutches and brakes from leading brands, like Baldor-Reliance, Danfoss Airflex, and Warner Electric.

What Are Clutches and Brakes?

In the world of mechanical power transmission, clutches and brakes are some of the most crucial components in any system or machine. Mechanical clutches are used to engage or disengage the power transmission of a system, while brakes are able to slow down or stop movement in the machine.

What Are Clutches and Brakes Used for?

Mechanical power brakes and clutches are used to control various devices and systems that require mechanical power. The clutch is used to either connect or disconnect a pair of rotating shafts. When the two connect, power can flow between them, and when they're separated, the flow of power and movement is interrupted. Brakes, meanwhile, make use of friction to slow down or stop movement of a shaft or other component within the device or machine. Clutches and brakes can be used in a wide range of industries and machines. Whether mechanical power transmission systems are found, you’ll also find brakes and clutch kits.

The Best Clutches and Brakes

When it comes to crucial power transmission components like brakes and clutches, quality is of the utmost importance. It’s vital to choose good quality products that won’t let you down, while avoiding poor quality parts or components that simply aren’t up to standard. That’s why, at Motion Industries, we only stock and sell the absolute finest brake kits and clutch kits for all your mechanical power transmission needs.

Buy Clutches and Brakes Online

Choose Motion Industries for your next order of brakes and clutches. No matter what type or size of brake kits and clutch kits you require, you can find it here, with the best quality products and fairest prices guaranteed. Take a look through our full mechanical power transmission range and place your order today.


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Brand: Boston Gear
Boston Gear 5390-170-024
Boston Gear  5390-170-024
FB-375, 10.5 ft-lb Static Torque, 5000 RPM, 24 DC Voltage
MI ITEM #08210735
MFR #5390-170-024
Factory Order
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