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Motion stocks a robust inventory of air filters for your pneumatics requirements. Browse through a large variety of air filter elements, clean room filters, main line and modular air filters, mist separators, and odor removal filters.

Looking to buy air filter elements for air compressors and compressed air devices? If so, you can find a wide array of compressed air filter elements from all of the best air filter elements suppliers right here at Motion. Choose from various air filters in different sizes, all at the most affordable prices.

What Is an Air Filter Element?

Air filter elements, otherwise simply known as compressor air filters, are simply filters that are used in air compressors and compressed air systems. Like other filters, they're made up of filter media that works to trap dirt, dust, pollutants, and contaminants and prevents those contaminants making their way into the compressed air that will then be used to power various systems and devices. Air filter elements can come in various sizes and forms, with different materials and levels of filtration available.

What Are Air Filters Used for?

The main use of air filters, just like other kinds of filters, is to clean up the air that passes over them. As the air passes through the filter, any bits of dirt, dust, or unwanted pollutants get trapped on the filter material, so the air that makes it through on the other side is much cleaner and free of many unwanted elements. This clean and dry air can then be compressed and used to power various pneumatic tools and machines. Without air filter elements, dirt and contaminants could make their way into the machines and potentially cause corrosion and various other problems.

The Best Air Filters

Air filter elements are really important components of any air compressor system, but some filters are much more effective and efficient than others. If you want to get the best results when working with an air filter element, you should buy from the best suppliers, like those that are featured in the Motion online store. We only stock and sell air filter elements from brands you can rely on, like Aventics, Arrow, and Dixon.

Buy Air Filters Online

Make Motion your number 1 supplier of air compressor essentials, including the finest air filters, as well as air lubricators, air dryers, air motors, and more. We have a huge selection of air compressor products to suit all of your industrial needs, with the most competitive prices and best levels of service for all. Check out the full range and make your purchase today.


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Brand: Alemite Tools & Equipment
Alemite Tools & Equipment 5612-2
Alemite Tools & Equipment  5612-2
Air Line Filter, Gage Port Size: 3/4 NPTF (Female)", Maximum Operating Pressure: 250psi, Bowl Material: Metal
MI ITEM #00775267
MFR #5612-2
Factory Order
Alemite Tools & Equipment 5616-2
Alemite Tools & Equipment  5616-2
Air Line Filter, Gage Port Size: 1 NPTF (Female)", Maximum Operating Pressure: 250psi, Bowl Material: Metal
MI ITEM #00775281
MFR #5616-2
Factory Order
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