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Discover a broad selection of only the finest pneumatic valves and manifolds for sale right here at Motion, America’s leading supplier of industrial parts, devices, tools, and equipment. Whether you're looking for air piloted valves, lockout relief valves, manual mechanical air control valves, pneumatic breather vents, check valves, or some other kind of valve or manifold for your pneumatic systems and machines, you can find it all here.

What Are Pneumatic Valves and Manifolds?

When we talk about pneumatic valves, this refers to the many different types of valves that are used in pneumatic systems. Pneumatic systems rely on the power of air pressure, and it's vital for that pressure level to be maintained and the airflow to be carefully controlled throughout the entire system, and pneumatic valves play a big part in that.

There are lots of different types of pneumatic valve, from a solenoid pneumatic valve to a check valve. Each type is a little different, but they're usually made up of similar components, like ports that provide power to the valve and allow it to function, housing that contain the main switching or controlling mechanism of the valve itself, and controllers that ensure that the valve opens or closes at the correct time and in the right situations. These switches or controllers may be operated in various ways, including manually or mechanically.

What Do Pneumatic Valves and Manifolds Do?

As explained above, there are lots of different kinds of pneumatic valves and pneumatic manifolds, and they each can work a little differently, but all have the same main purpose of helping to control the flow of air through a pneumatic system or compressed air machine. A pneumatic valve can, for example, help to control the flow of compressed air to a cylinder or some other key component of the system, regulating how it works and keeping everything flowing smoothly, without unnecessary losses of pressure or other problems.

The Best Pneumatic Valves and Manifolds

If you want to get the best results when working with pneumatic valves and manifolds, you have to buy and use the best quality valves, like those that you can find at Motion. We never want our customers to be disappointed with the products they buy, and that’s why we only stock and sell the finest pneumatic valves and manifolds from leading manufacturers, such as ASCO, Aventics, and Arrow.

Buy Pneumatic Valves and Manifolds Online

Motion aims to be your top source for all of your pneumatic needs, including valves, manifolds, and many other pieces of compressed air equipment. No matter what sort of pneumatic valve you’re looking for, you should be able to find it all right here, with the most affordable prices and super speedy shipping. Check out the full range and order now.


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Brand: ARO
ARO A312SD-120-A
ARO  A312SD-120-A
ARO/Ingersoll-Rand -A312SD-120-A 1/4 120VAC SOL/SOL-CC ARO ALPHA-BODY PORT-3 POS
MI ITEM #02011352
MFR #A312SD-120-A
In stock
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