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Motion carries process valves for pneumatic systems. Explore the process valve collection from trusted brands in Motion's inventory.

Discover a wide and high-quality selection of process valves for sale right here at Motion. We have one of the biggest and best ranges of process valves, and it doesn't matter what type you're looking for, from solenoid valves to pilot valves, you'll find it all here with great prices and speedy shipping.

What Are Process Valves?

The term "process valves" is a broad one which can apply to a huge selection of different valves that are used in many industrial processes, systems, and machines. These valves come in countless shapes and sizes, from combustion process valves to condensate drain process valves, solenoid valves, direct mount high flow valves, low power process pilot valves, and so on.

Each type of process valve is different, with its own design and key elements, but most valves are made up of a few simple essentials, including ports that allow for liquids or gases to pass through, a controller of some kind that helps to open or close the valve at the appropriate time, a mechanism for opening or closing, and a housing that sits around the main valve mechanism.

What Do Process Valves Do?

Like any other kind of valve, process valves are primarily used to control the flow of fluids through a system. We can find process valves and solenoid valves being used in many different settings and industries. There are medical process valves for use in the medical field, for example, as well as high pressure solenoid valves that are able to cope with heavy-duty, high pressure situations. We can also find oil process valves that are resistant to very high temperatures and condensate drain process valves, used to drain away condensate from a pneumatic machine or some other system in which condensate can form.

The Best Process Valves

If you want to get the best results when working with any kind of process valve or solenoid valves, it’s vital to invest in and make use of the very best products. Low quality valves might let you down, but the finest solenoid valves are strong and long-lasting, ready to provide years of usage. You’ll only find top-rated, high-quality valves here at Motion, and we only partner with leading manufacturers, such as ASCO, Aventics, and Nachi America.

Buy Process Valves Online

Motion is the best source for process solenoid valves and other process equipment, with tens of thousands of products ready to ship out to your location. No matter what type of valve you require, you can find it here, and we invite you to check out the full range before placing your order today.


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AVENTICS R432016587
AVENTICS  R432016587
Solenoid Valve - Female, 110 V ac, 120 V ac
MI ITEM #01038054
MFR #R432016587
Factory Order
AVENTICS R432015590
AVENTICS  R432015590
Solenoid Valve - Female, 110 V ac, 120 V ac
MI ITEM #01043589
MFR #R432015590
In stock
AVENTICS 5727940920
AVENTICS  5727940920
Solenoid Valve - 24 V dc
MI ITEM #01467163
MFR #5727940920
In stock
AVENTICS R432016663
AVENTICS  R432016663
Solenoid Valve - Female, 24 V dc
MI ITEM #01043155
MFR #R432016663
In stock
AVENTICS R432013838
AVENTICS  R432013838
Solenoid Valve - Female
MI ITEM #01039787
MFR #R432013838
Factory Order
AVENTICS R432016584
AVENTICS  R432016584
Solenoid Valve - Female, 24 V dc
MI ITEM #01038003
MFR #R432016584
In stock
AVENTICS R432030345
AVENTICS  R432030345
Solenoid Valve - Female, 12 V dc
MI ITEM #01044730
MFR #R432030345
Factory Order
AVENTICS R432016605
AVENTICS  R432016605
Solenoid Valve - Female, 110 V ac, 120 V ac
MI ITEM #01038418
MFR #R432016605
Factory Order
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