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Motion carries a large inventory of raw metals for your industrial facility's needs. Options include aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, carbide, iron, nickel, and steel.

Looking for the best raw metals like aluminum plates, copper tubes, and brass rods for various industrial needs and manufacturing processes? If so, you’ll find everything you need and more in the Motion’s metals collection. We have one of the most comprehensive selections of raw metals in various forms, shapes, and sizes, all at the best prices.

What Are Metals?

Metals are materials that have a range of distinctive characteristics, such as a lustrous appearance after polishing and good levels of conductivity for electricity and heat. Metals can also be ductile, which means that they're able to be formed into wire-like shapes, and malleable enough to be formed into sheets, bars, rods, and other forms, like aluminum plates and copper tubes.

There are lots of different metals out there, and they're some of the most important and useful materials known to man. They can take the form of distinct chemical elements, such as iron, but can also come in the form of alloys, which are a mixture of different elements. Some of the most commonly used examples of metals include steel, iron, aluminum, bronze, copper, silver, and gold, and each type of metal has its own appearance, characteristics, and best uses.

What Are Metals Used for?

Metals have a huge range of possible uses and can be used in almost any industry, from the world of automobile manufacture to the medical industry and the field of electronics. Items like copper tubes can be used for piping and plumbing, for example, while aluminum plates and aluminum bars can be fashioned into medical devices or other products, and brass rods can be used for handrails or decorative purposes.

The list of uses for metals goes on and on. In the field of electronics, for instance, metals may be used to make appliances, like TVs and fridges, as well as for wiring. They can be used in jewelry and clothing design, too, as well as in the world of machinery, construction, cars, and so on. For this reason, raw metals like aluminum plates and copper tubes are among the most sold kinds of raw materials.

The Best Metals

If you want to get the very best results and best quality end-products when working with raw metals like brass rods and aluminum bars, you’ll need to invest in good quality metals that won’t let you down, like those that you can find in the Motion catalog.

We have a carefully-curated collection of metals, sourced from industry-leading partners and providers, so you can place an order with confidence, and you won’t have to worry about any low quality products at Motion.

Buy Metals Online

Choose Motion for your next order of raw metals. No matter whether you’re looking for brass rods, aluminum plates, copper tubing, steel sheets, or something totally different, you can find it all in our comprehensive collection. Check out the full range today and place your order for speedy shipping to your location.


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