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Motion has a vast selection of sorbents available for purchase. Browse drum and barrel top pads, sorbent containment booms, sorbent pillows, sorbent pads, rolls, mats, and much more.

Discover a super selection of high-quality sorbents right here at Motion, including sorbent pads, sorbent rolls, and sorbent mats in various forms and sizes. When it comes to sorbents and essential safety equipment, Motion is the only place to be, with the finest products at the lowest prices.

What Are Sorbents?

The term 'sorbents' applies to materials and items that are used to absorb or adsorb substances, such as liquids and gases. A sponge is a classic example of a sorbent, as it can absorb water and other liquids with ease, but there are lots of other types and examples of commonly used sorbents, including gels, carbon materials, polypropylene fibers, cellulose fibers, and so on.

What Are Sorbents Used for?

The primary function of sorbents, like sorbent pads and sorbent rolls, is to absorb or soak up liquids and gases, especially after chemical spills. Chemical spill situations can be very dangerous, and it can be tricky to control the spread of substances that have spilled out accidentally from containers, tanks, reservoirs, or pipes. Sorbents are some of the most useful tools for dealing with such situations.

The Best Sorbents

Sorbents can be very useful items in chemical spills and similar situations, but they aren’t all equal, and some sorbents are far more effective than others. If you want to get the very best results when working with sorbent pads, mats, and rolls, you’ll need to buy products you can rely on, like those from the Motion online store.

Buy Sorbents Online

Motion is the home of industrial supplies and safety equipment, including all the sorbents you need to deal with any spill or situation. Regardless of whether you need sorbent mats, rolls, or pads, you can find it all right here. Check out our complete collection of sorbents and order now for rapid delivery, direct to your location.


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Brand: Clift Industries
Clift Industries 4901-005
Clift Industries  4901-005
Sorbent or Chemical Clean-Up Kit - Bucket, 5 gal Container Size, Application: Universal/Chemical
MI ITEM #02498477
MFR #4901-005
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