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Motion offers a choice of waste containers and safety cans available for purchase. Choose from a large selection of safety disposal cans, spouts, funnels, biohazard waste cans, oily waste cans, safety plunger cans, and much more.

Discover a wide selection of top-quality waste containers and safety cans in the Motion online store, including everything from oily waste cans to biohazard waste cans and containers in various sizes. Choose from hundreds of products at low prices, all from leading brands, like Justrite and New Pig.

What Are Waste Containers and Safety Cans?

Safety cans are simply containers that are designed for the storage and transportation of substances that may be hazardous or flammable in some form. Examples of fluids that can be stored inside safety cans include the likes of gasoline and oil, and these cans are designed to provide a strong and flame-resistant shield around their contents.

Waste containers are also containers that are designed with safety and protection in mind, but, as the name suggests, they're aimed at the storage and transportation of waste materials, including the likes of biohazard waste from hospitals and labs, as well as oily waste.

What Are Waste Containers and Safety Cans Used for?

The main purpose of safety cans and waste containers, like oily waste cans and biohazard waste cans, is to store and transport fluids and substances that could be considered harmful, hazardous, or flammable.

It’s really important for certain fluids and substances to be handled with great care. If gasoline isn’t stored correctly, for example, it could start a fire from a single spark, and if biohazard waste isn’t stored in a safe container, it could pose a serious threat to human health.

Safety cans and waste containers are crucial items in industries where flammable fluids or hazardous materials are commonly used or interacted with, like the oil and gas industry, as well as the medical industry.

The Best Waste Containers and Cans

If you want to avoid any doubt or possible risks when working with safety cans and waste containers, you need to invest in the very best products, made of high quality materials and designed to industry-leading standards. Those are exactly the kinds of products you’ll find in the Motion online store.

Buy Waste Containers and Safety Cans Online

Motion aims to be your number 1 supplier of high-grade, industrial safety items, including the finest safety cans and waste containers. Whether you need biohazard waste cans or flammable fluid containers, you can find all you require right here. Browse through the full collection and order now.


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Dart Container Corp  D12SJ-20
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