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Motion carries a robust inventory of alarms and communication devices for your facility's safety requirements. Available in several colors, shapes, and mounting types.

Searching for high quality alarms and communication devices? Whether you want something basic like a handheld air horn or something more complex like a fully-featured two-way radio system, you can find it all right here at Motion.

What are Alarms & Communication Devices?

The category of alarms and communication devices encompasses a broad range of products. Alarms, for example, can include many different kinds of alarms, like smoke alarms, horns, sirens, and strobe or flashing lights. Communication devices, meanwhile, may include the likes of radios and walkie talkies, allowing two or more people to communicate back and forth with one another.

What are Alarms & Communication Devices Used for?

The main purpose of alarms is usually to alert people about something. A flashing light or strobe light, for example, may be used to let people know about a possible hazard or danger. Loud sound alarms can also be used to alert people about dangers like smoke or fire.

Meanwhile, communications devices such as radios and walkie talkies are helpful for facilitating the process of communication between different groups of people, even when they are far apart. A two-way radio system, for example, can be used in a factory or at a construction site to allow different workers to speak with each other.

The Best Alarms & Communication Devices

When using any kind of alarm or communication device, like two-way radios or two way radios with headsets, it’s important to invest in good quality items that won’t let you down. You’ll only find the very best alarms and communication essentials here at Motion.

Buy Alarms & Communication Devices Online

Motion is the best place to shop for high quality alarms and communication devices. No matter what kind of device you're looking for, whether it's an air horn, vehicle beacon, two-way radio long range, or siren, you can find it here. Look through the full catalog and place your order today.


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Brand: Cobra Electronics
Cobra Electronics HH 38 WX ST
Cobra Electronics  HH 38 WX ST
Two-Way Radio, Wattage: 4W, Range: 4mile, Number of Channels: 50, Battery Type: AA, NI-Cd, Width: 2"
MI ITEM #05553426
Factory Order
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