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Motion stocks a robust inventory of fall protection products for your safety requirements. Search through a huge collection of body belts, cable sleeves, harnesses, belt accessories, bolt anchors, D-ring anchors, straps, cables, chains, and much more.

If you’re looking for the best fall protection products for workplace safety, including the likes of anchor slings, body belts, bolt anchors, cable sleeves, beam anchors, harnesses, lanyards, and lifelines, you can find absolutely everything you need in Motion’s comprehensive collection of safety products. Choose from only the finest fall protection essentials at the lowest prices.

What Are Fall Protection Products?

As the name implies, fall protection products are safety products that are designed to prevent workers from falling from great heights, while working above the ground. These are very important safety accessories, and many industries require the use of fall protection products, including the likes of safety harnesses and body belts.

There are lots of different types of fall protection harnesses and essentials. They all have the same objective of keeping people safe and preventing them from falling, but they can work in different ways. Common examples of fall protection essentials include lanyards and lifelines, roof anchors, anchor slings, and harnesses, which can be attached to people and parts of a building in order to secure the user while they’re operating at height.

What Are Fall Protection Products Used for?

Fall protection products like anchors and safety harnesses are used for the process of fall protection, which is all about preventing people from falling or, at the very least, reducing the risks of serious injury if a person does happen to fall. Such products are needed in many industries, whenever personnel are operating at great heights and could fall and hurt themselves.

Statistics show that workplace falls can account for hundreds of deaths a year in the US alone and fall-related trauma tends to rank among the worst workplace injuries. This is why fall protection products are so important, and a range of fall protection measures may be used, such as safety harnesses and lifelines.

The Best Fall Protection Products

If you want to provide the highest standards of safety for your workers, you’ll need to make use of the very best fall protection products, like those that you can find here, in the Motion safety product catalog. At Motion, we take the time to choose our suppliers with care, and we only stock proven, highly-rated products that can keep your workers truly safe.

Buy Fall Protection Products Online

Choose Motion for your next order of fall protection products, from harnesses and belts to anchors and lifelines. Motion has one of the widest fall protection product selections anywhere online, with industry-leading quality, competitive prices, and the best levels of service. Check out the full range and place your order today or contact our team if you have any questions.


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Brand: Aamstrand
Aamstrand 18600
Aamstrand  18600
Rope Grab - 1/4 in Rope Diameter, Nylon
MI ITEM #03657420
MFR #18600
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