Motion stocks a collection of hoods for your safety requirements. Choose from a variety of paint spray socks, spray and particulate protection hoods, disposable hoods, and heat and flame protection hoods.

If you’re looking for the finest safety hoods and industrial headwear accessories, such as painter’s socks and disposable hoods, you’ll find all you need at Motion. Our huge safety range includes high quality disposable hoods and working hoods to protect and cover the head and neck, with great prices and premium brands featured throughout the whole range.

What Are Hoods?

Hoods are a form of headgear that are designed to cover the back and top of the head, as well as the neck, and sometimes parts of the face, as well. Hoods can be attached to other items of clothing, like jackets and coats, or used individually, and they can have both functional and decorative purposes.

When we talk about industrial or working hoods, this usually refers to specific hood types, like the painter’s sock, which is commonly used by painters, as well as disposable hoods for workers in various industries and sectors. Such hoods may be made of various materials and may feature total head coverage, mesh panels, or even built-in visors to protect the wearer.

What Are Safety Hoods Used for?

In the general world, hoods are mainly used to cover up the head and neck to protect people against the elements, and it's common for people to wear hoods on rainy days or to shield their skin against the sun. However, in the world of industry and business, hoods can have an array of other uses and advantages.

A painter’s sock or paint spray hood, for example, can be worn when working with paints in order to shield the wearer against sprays and splashes. There are also disposable hoods that can be used as a form of personal protective equipment, or PPE, for medical workers or those who could be exposed to viruses and microbes in the air around them.

The Best Safety Hoods

If you’re shopping for hoods, you’ve got lots of options to choose from, but it’s important to focus on the best quality products if you want to enjoy the most durable and protective hoods. That’s why, at Motion, we take the time to carefully choose which products to include in our extensive catalog, focusing on popular items from proven brands, like 3M and Honeywell.

Buy Safety Hoods Online

Ready to place your next order for industrial hoods, arc flash protectors, and flame-proof hoods? No matter what type or size you need, from painter’s socks to disposable PPE hoods, it's all here in our extensive collection. Browse through the full selection and make your purchase today with Motion.

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