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Explore Motion’s robust inventory of seals, gaskets, and accessories designed to provide tight barriers. Select from a large collection of seals, O-rings, grommets, gaskets, trims, oil seal kits, seals and gasket accessories, wear sleeves, V-rings, strip stock, and much more.

If you're looking for seals, gaskets, and related accessories like shaft bushings and O-rings, you can find all you need and more at Motion. We stock many different seals and gaskets from leading brands, at only the fairest prices.

What Are Seals, Gaskets, and Accessories?

The category of seals and gaskets encapsulates a wide range of items that are used for sealing different components, machines, structures, and surfaces. There are lots of different types of seals, gaskets, and related items, including the likes of oil seals, grommets, retaining rings, and V-rings. They can vary in terms of their shape, design, materials, and size, but all carry out similar functions.

What Are Seals, Gaskets, and Accessories Used for?

The main purpose of seals, gaskets, and similar items is for sealing. They’re used to form seals around holes or openings, as well as creating seals around pipes, connections, fixtures, and other surfaces. This can be very important in a lot of different situations, as seals formed by gaskets and O-rings and other items help to prevent leaks, while also maximizing the efficiency of systems and machines. These kinds of items are used in dozens of different industries, from food processing to the world of petrochemical products.

The Best Seals, Gaskets, and Accessories

When using items like seals and gaskets, it’s vital to invest in good quality items that won’t let you down. At Motion, we only stock and sell seals and gaskets from leading brands. Here are some of the industrial-grade items you can buy in this category:

  • Grommets
  • Oil seals
  • O-rings
  • Retaining rings
  • Shaft bushings
  • Shaft collars
  • V-rings

Buy Seals, Gaskets, and Accessories Online

Choose Motion for your next order of seals, gaskets, and other accessories. No matter whether you need some bearing seals, seals for hydraulic cylinder, or something totally different, you can find it here. Check out our full selection and order today.


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Brand: Boston Gear
Boston Gear XOR-3.237X.103
Boston Gear  XOR-3.237X.103
Boston Gear 51483 O-RING XOR-3.237X.103
MI ITEM #01105664
MFR #XOR-3.237X.103
In stock
Boston Gear 023750-333-00000
Boston Gear  023750-333-00000
Boston Gear 023750-333-00000 SEAL O-RING #354
MI ITEM #03008851
MFR #023750-333-00000
Factory Order
Boston Gear 023750-140-00000
Boston Gear  023750-140-00000
Boston Gear 023750-140-00000 SEAL O-RING 3-3/4X4
MI ITEM #03008842
MFR #023750-140-00000
Factory Order
Boston Gear XOR-2.862X.103
Boston Gear  XOR-2.862X.103
Boston Gear XOR-2.862X.103 O-RING 2-150
MI ITEM #04626305
MFR #XOR-2.862X.103
In stock
Boston Gear 023750-303-00000
Boston Gear  023750-303-00000
Boston Gear 023750-303-00000 SEAL O-RING 7-1/4X7-7
MI ITEM #03008850
MFR #023750-303-00000
Factory Order
Boston Gear XOR-1.614X.070
Boston Gear  XOR-1.614X.070
Boston Gear XOR-1614X070 51476 O-RING
MI ITEM #01160137
MFR #XOR-1.614X.070
Factory Order
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