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Motion has a robust inventory of measurement and layout tools for your hand and power tools requirements. Select from a variety of bench and surface plate centers, calipers, combination measurement and layout tool kits, counters, totalizers, timers, clocks, layout and setup tools, levels, and much more.

Searching for high quality measurement tools, including laser measurement tools and angular measurement tools? Whether you need calipers, gauges, tape measures, levels, marking tools, micrometers, or something else entirely, you can find it at Motion.

What are Measurement Tools?

As the name implies, measurement tools are tools or instruments that are used for measuring things. This might be something as simple as a tape measure, which can be used in homes and businesses around the world for measuring the length of a room or the size of a piece of furniture, as well as more advanced measurement tools like laser measuring devices, which use lasers to measure distances with immense precision. There are many different types of measuring tools out there for measuring angles, lengths, widths, and more.

What are Measurement Tools Used for?

The primary use of any measurement tool is to measure something. A micrometer, for example, is used for accurate measurements of small components, while a tape measure is used for measuring the length, breadth, height, or depth of something. This can be very important in many settings and industries. In the world of construction, for example, measurement tools are absolutely crucial in order to ensure that buildings and structures are built according to the precise measurements laid out in the original blueprints.

The Best Measurement Tools

You’ll find nothing but the best measurement tools for sale here at Motion, including:

  • Tape Measures - For standard height/width/depth measurements.
  • Micrometers - For measuring small items.
  • Laser Measurement Tools – For highly precise distance measurements.
  • Levels - For checking whether an item or structure is balanced and level.
  • Calipers - Used for measuring the dimensions of small items.

Buy Measurement Tools Online

Motion aims to be your number 1 source for high quality measurement tools at affordable prices. We have a huge range of measurement tools and devices in stock and ready to ship, so take a look through the full range and place your order today.


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Accushim LP-1
Accushim  LP-1
Alignment Laser - Number of Beams 2
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Accushim LS-5
Accushim  LS-5
Alignment Laser - Number of Beams 1
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