AW-Lake Company EDG2-2A-12S
AW-Lake Company
The Edge Flow Sensor
MI ITEM #07756972
MFR #EDG2-2A-12S
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The Edge Flow Sensor
MI ITEM #07756972
MFR #EDG2-2A-12S
AW-Lake Company EDG2-2A-12S
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The Edge Flow Sensor
MI ITEM #07756972
MFR #EDG2-2A-12S

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This product requires a Quote Request
This product requires a Quote Request
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Shipping time may vary. Motion rep will advise.


Mfr Description
  • Analog output signal defaults to 4-20mA and 0-10V (0-5V, 1-5V & 2-10V selectable through PC Toolkit or "AWL Mobile Toolkit" mobile app)
  • Frequency output to 5KHz, flow dependent
  • Modbus communication
  • Excellent linearity, high temperature stability and long-term stability
  • Powered by 12-24VDC
  • 16-bit analog output resolution
  • Bluetooth enabled for wireless setup from a mobile device (can be disabled by factory)
  • Password protected Bluetooth communication
  • Connect sensor to PC via standard USB-C cable
  • Firmware can be updated by users via the PC Toolkit


Additional Details
The EDGE Flow Sensor was built on a foundation of scalability, flexibility, and stability. Its small footprint and compact design allow for system design flexibility. The anodized aluminum housing protects electronics for outdoor use. The EDGE sensor incorporates innovative signal processing and a linearization table tool that increases your meter’s accuracy and allows for wider flow ranges. EDGE allows you to choose your output (pulse, analog, or Modbus). All setup and configuration is made easy via a Bluetooth mobile app or software toolkit. This is the standard flow sensor for use with all AW Gear Meter and Turbine flow meter applications requiring an analog, pulse, or Modbus output. The sensor comes with a MicroSD card for convenient data storage. Available Outputs: Analog (4-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, or 2-10V), Frequency (push/pull, sinking or sourcing) Modbus
The EDGE Flow Sensor is ideal in general applications when sending an analog, pulse or modbus signal to a PLC or other control system.
Input Current
0.04 to 0.1
Anodized Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum
Maximum Operating Temperature
185 °F, 185 °F
Maximum Output
+2.5% of max scaling (20.5mA/5.125V/10.25 V
Minimum Operating Temperature
-40 °F
Mounting Type
Pulse (Bluetooth not available)
Port Type
Two pickup input
Seal Material
Sensor Type
JVx (-10-30) Gear Meter
12 to 24 V dc
Product Type
Flow Sensors

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